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As much as I love coming up with my own vegan creations in the kitchen, nothing is as exciting as finding a restaurant with vegan options. After living in Australia for the past 5 ½ years, I had never heard of Lyfe Kitchen. You can tell by the décor that the restaurant is aimed for the health conscious and maybe the sustainably savvy.  So obviously I was intrigued. I walked in to find a stand holding multiple menus. And there in large, heart-warming letters was the word ‘VEGAN”.

So before even looking at a single menu item, this place is already miles ahead of the rest. A separate vegan menu is almost unheard of. But a vegan menu that gives you options for appetizers, entrees, sides, salads pastas and sandwiches? This might be the only place (of course not including all vegan restaurants). So needless to say, I’ve been there a few times now. All 10s across the board. Check out what I had below:

1.     The Lyfe Veggie Burger – A delicious combo of avocado, aioli, Daiya cheddar, and the standard lettuce and tomato – but there was nothing standard about this burger.



2.     The vegan pasta special – creamy and delicious. My favorite pastas are creamy, and full of veggies if possible!

3.     The Quinoa Crunch Wrap. Avocado, onion, quinoa and my favorite part of this- the edamame hummus. That may sound weird but it’s sooo tasty and really makes the wrap!

4.     Last, smallest, but certainly not least – the sweet potato fries. I’m sure you’ve tried sweet potato fries before – but whether you have or haven’t, these won’t disappoint!

Have kids? Lyfe Kitchen didn't forget about the little ones! Finally someone thought about the horrible food kids have to endure on the "Kids Menu" at restaurants. Introducing "Little Lyfers" a full menu for the kiddies! 

Enjoy Lyfe Kitchen if you haven’t been before!