Welcome to my Vegan Journey.

An Aspiring Vegan is all about the journey from Omnivore to Vegan. Like any journey, I am learning as I go along. I'm learning from documentaries to doctors, nutritionists to naturopaths, and everyone in between. I make mistakes (don't we all?) but my heart is in the right place. I've also caved to temptation (damn you delicious cheese), but every day I make a conscious effort to avoid all animal products. I do it for the environment, for my health and of course for the animals. 

One of the scariest things about choosing to change your lifestyle, is facing opposition from friends and family, and the second is the difficulty you face to keep with it! I came to the conclusion that being An Aspiring Vegan is admirable in itself. Will you make mistakes? Hell yes. Will you cave to temptation? Maybe. But it will get easier, and you should be proud that you're doing your best everyday. 

I hope this blog helps, encourages and praises your efforts, and if you have questions - please don't hesitate!